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Hafez 311

- Fault location detection based on impedance calculation (ANSI 21)
- Synchronous check monitoring (ANSI 25)
- Auto recloser unit (ANSI 79)
- Could be used as a sectionalizer controller
- 4 directional overcurrent earth fault units (ANSI 67N)
- 4 directional earth fault units (ANSI 67)
- 2-stage delayed protection (ANSI 51) with standard curves
- 2-stage instantaneous protection (ANSI 50)
- 1-stage earth fault delayed protection (ANSI 51N) with standard curves
- 2-stage delayed protection (ANSI 51) with standard curves
- 2-stage instantaneous protection (ANSI 50)
- 2-stage instantaneous earth fault protection (ANSI 50N)
- Sensitive Earth Fault Unit
- Sub-transmission and distribution transformers thermal overload protection (ANSI 49)
- 2-stage negative sequence current protection (ANSI 46)
- 2-stage broken conductor detection
- Demand Control
- Circuit Breaker failure protection (ANSI 50BF)
- Interruption chamber monitoring unit (Wear Condition) and Operation mechanism counter
- Cold Load Pickup Protection (ANSI 51C)
- Adaptive Inrush Current Detection to block protection units
- Instantaneous Over-current (I>>>), earth fault (I0>>>) detection function (sub-cycle)
- 2-stage over-voltage protection unit (ANSI 59)
- 2-stage zero-sequence over-voltage protection unit (ANSI 59N)
- 2-stage zero-sequence under-voltage protection unit (ANSI 27)
- 2-stage over-frequency protection unit (ANSI 81)
- 2-stage under-frequency protection unit (ANSI 27)
- 4-stage ROCOF protection unit for islanding operation protection (81R)
- 2-stage reverse power protection unit
- Improved Negative sequence and earth fault protection units stability during CT saturation
- Improved Inrush current unit operation during CT saturation
- Fast smart setting for a device under protection
- Improved the transformer thermometer usage performance for alarm or trip
- Intelligent recloser with adaptive operation ability based on current amplitude and fault type
- Circuit breaker interruption chamber and operation mechanism aging estimation unit
- Able to choose current amplitude calculation method based on first harmonic or True-RMS
- Able to set relay characteristic and reset time
- DNP3 and Modbus RTU protocols
- Time Synchronization over SNTP
- Pluggable cellular modem for communicating with SCADA
- Pluggable network switch
- PC interface over Ethernet(TCP/IP)
- User-friendly application for configuring relay and spectating fault recorder waveforms
- Fault and event recorder
- Fault waveform recorder
- Gregorian and Jallali date formats
- 28 Programmable Digital Inputs (8 Isolated Digital group)
- 8 Programable Digital Output
- 20 Indicator LED (4 reserved LED, 16 Programmable LED)
- Authentication System
- Metal box with electrostatic paint

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