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  • Transformer’s vector group diagnosis
  • Users’ under-voltage phase diagnosis
  • Synchronization diagnosis
  • Geographical location recording
  • Completing GIS data
  • Boosting network’s capacity
  • Reduction of system losses
  • Improvement of network studies

This phase identifier device is designed to specify the correct type of phase which is used by single line consumers and mostly is considered to establish a balance between phases along with the low voltage and middle voltage feeders. Balancing the current passing through feeders helps with reducing losses, improving voltage profile, boosting distribution system and transformer, and increasing some electrical consumers’ efficiency. `For balancing current in feeders at first the correct phase to which user is connected must be specified and that’s why phase identifier is necessary. This device has become more important as cable feeder usage and self-holder feeder usage are increasing. The crucial point is that without phase identification all of the system studies will be done with considering balanced load in all different nodes of the network and the results are not close to the real conditions. The phase identifier pack model KAVOSH-L1XX includes the following items:
  • Reference device: must be connected to a voltage with a specific phase in a precise location. This voltage can be phase to phase or phase to ground. For instance, the secondary voltage of one of the potential transformers which are connected to distribution substation 20kv busbar can be selected as the reference voltage. 
  • A "mobile device" that connects to an electrical outlet or between phase and ground at the intended consumer location.
  • A GUI that is a web-based software that receives information through wireless communication platform from mobile and reference devices and reports the type of phase of consumers based on them.
The basis of the work of the phase identifier is the unit of measurement of the phasor with time tag through satellite synchronization. The amount of amplitude and angle in a fixed place (by reference device) and the location of each power consumer (by mobile devices) are measured and time tagged. Then the phase difference between them at the same time is calculated and based on that, the type of phase of each consumer is determined. This method, in addition to very high accuracy, practically does not limit the distance between the reference device and the mobile device, and providing only one reference device is sufficient to find the whole of a distribution company. The phase measurement and determination process is performed automatically and while reducing human error, the information is stored in the relevant database.

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