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  • Modular design and configuration capability according to the selection of Optional features in the purchase order
  • Ability to connect to three-phase and single-phase networks with different configurations such as line to line and line to ground voltage transformer connection
  • Ability to measure voltage and current total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • Bidirectional energy measurement with different tariffs for hot and cold seasons
  • Recording of network parameters with adjustable time on flash memory via USB
  • Internal thermometer and the ability to measure ambient temperature with external PT100 sensor
  • Sending information and receiving commands via Modbus on the RS485 platform
  •  Accuracy of 0.2% in measuring voltage, current and power
  • Graphic display with a resolution of 160 x 250 pixels and automatic contrast
  • Standard dimensions 96 * 96 mm

PAYESH-M111 intelligent measuring center with the ability to measure ,record and communicate electrical parameters in three-phase and single-phase networks
PAYESH from a measurement perspective:
  • Ability to measure and display voltage and current of three-phase and single-phase and zero current (with fourth CT) with an accuracy of 0.2%
  • Measuring and displaying apparent power, active and reactive power in two directions with an accuracy of 0.3% (produced or consumed / inuductive or capacitive)
  • Measuring and displaying the power factor for each phase separately
  • Measure and display frequency with 0.02% accuracy
  • Energy measurement with the ability to define 4 different tariffs.
  • Measure and display the internal temperature of the device
  • Ability to connect external PT100 sensor to measure temperature
  • Ability to measure and display demand
  • Ability to adjust the conversion ratio of CT and PT

PAYESH in terms of power quality:
  • Measurement and display of THD for voltage and current of three phases (each phase separately)
  • Measuring and displaying the amount of harmonics up to the order of 31 as a bar and percentage (each phase separately)
  • Detect and record voltage sag and voltage swell
  • Ability to measure and display power quality analysis parameters on request

PAYESH in terms of protection functions:
  • Over Voltage detection
  • Under Voltage Detection
  • Over Current detection
  • Demand Control
  • Reverse power detection (reverse power detection in motor and generator equipment)
  • Over THD detection
  • Two adjustable digital inputs
  • Two adjustable digital outputs (contactor relay)

PAYESH from the perspective of data logger:
  • Ability to store 500 events (full function of protection functions, change settings, turning the device on, resetting energy and alarms, etc., digital input stimulation, digital output function, power return)
  • Ability to store the complete waveform of currents and voltages of each phase for 1 second (50 cycles) for 6 events with a sampling rate of 20 samples per cycle (Oscillograph)
  • Ability to store measured values ​​at an adjustable rate (from seconds to hours) for one year
  • Ability to trigger waveform recorder manually, with digital input, or in case of protection functions
  • Ability to report in Comtrade format
  • Ability to read and store the measured values ​​through the USB port on the device

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