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  • In order to reduce noise effect during the test, measurement is performed in wide frequency bands therefore precision and repeatability of the test results is improved
  • Automatic analysis and recording of the results using KAVOSH T-111 software
  • Calculation of series impedances and K0 factor for using them in distance protection relay
  • Increase in user’s safety
  • Capable of measuring coupling impedance between power and signal cables

Module CM1, one of the side modules of KAVOSH T-111, is designed to measure transmission line and cable impedance. Moreover, using this equipment earthing system impedance, step voltage, touch voltage and transfer voltage in a substation are measured. In order to decrease the effect of noises in environment, all measurements can be done in a wide range of frequency bands. A transformer is placed inside of the module for impedance matching with transmission line impedance and as a result power transfer is maximized.

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