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Intelligent transformer overload management relay with the ability to estimate the actual thermal model of the transformer and calculate the hot spot of the coil and the hot spot of the transformer oil without the need for a temperature sensor inside the transformer

  • Estimate transformer thermal model (state equation and differential equation) based on IEC60076-7 15 parameter model (15 parameter model)
  • Load shedding suggestion in order not to exceed maximum current of the transformer, oil temperature, hot spot points, and metal part temperature
  • Avoid gas production due to high temperature in transformer (Cause electrical short circuit in transformer oil)
  • Capable to control two transformers simultaneously (especially parallel 63/20 KV transformer in substations)
  • Monitoring three input phases of both transformers and output current up to 15 feeders
  • Considering ambient temperature and cooling system type of transformer dynamically(cooling system (for example fan out service or in service or failure) and ambient temperature changes update automatically)
  • Consider coupler breaker status and capacitor bank status
  • Able to estimate and display online Time to trip and add monitoring ability before load shedding by Relay (Always shows remaining time to transformer critical temperature based on passing current, output current, internal temperature, ambient temperature, cooling system states, etc. and make maneuver possibility in substation)
  • Order defining options for different output feeder and help to execute social justice in long terms (Define permanent priority as well as three separated priority)

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